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The Co. OFFICINE ARENA S.R.L. was established more than 40 years ago and has been building Block cutter and Butting “pendulum” machines with a single disk.

At the beginning, the market was restricted to the areas of Valpantena and Valpolicella near Verona, step by step, it has extended and has conquered different Italian regions and many countries both in Europe and out of Europe.

The Co. OFFICINE ARENA S.r.l. offer to the client the experience matured in the technological and machanical field and are able to supply a complete range of production which allows to work a rough product obtaining a finished ones, always observing the CE standards.

The simplicity of construction, maintenance and automatic programming are the principle characteristics on which the Co. Officine Arena S.r.l. based the design of complete working lines for slabs and filagnas providing them with characteristics of sturdiness, compactness and functionality. The production varies according to the demand of the client who can find the right solution.