MT single-head polisher

MT single-head polisher

The single head polishing machine mod. MT allows to polish, calibrate and brush marble and granite.

The machine consists of a bridge over which runs the spindle unit on prismatic guides. The spindle is moved by pneumatic system air/oil, the operator can adjust both the pressure of work that the counter pressure. The bridge moves on the rails, one with a hexagonal profile as a guide and one plain.

The machine can work pieces of large size and more pieces positioned on the work surface.

The processing system can be set before the start of processing by defining the contours of processing of the material, only on rectilinear pieces.

The processes that can be performed on the slab are the following:

- Polishing processing on the sides;

- Longitudina l and transverse Greek polishing processing;

- Zig zag polishing processing;

- Mixed polishing processing by combining two processing systems, for example by combining the polishing of the sides to a Greek polishing system or in a zig zag and.

Single head

Single head

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